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Refund policy

We thank you for choosing BabyBuy.com to purchase your favorite products and we are happy to serve you. Sometimes you might change your mind about the products you bought, not you. We at Baby Market will do our best to make the return or exchange process as simple and smooth as possible.

We have facilitated the return or exchange process for you through the following procedures:

1 – the period of time to retrieve or replace purchases

• Returns and exchanges within 14 days of purchase.

2 – the policy of return or replacement of purchases except «personal use products [biprons – bamb], consumer products».

• This policy applies to the product being in its original packaging at the time of purchase.

• All accessories received with the product must be returned upon purchase in their original packaging.

• Products that have been opened and have a manufacturer defect can be replaced with the same item.

• In case of return or replacement, the customer shall keep the product until our representative arrives with the above conditions.

3 – Refund or replacement policy for consumer products.

If the delivery representative opens the product and installs it to the customer, the customer can return it with the delivery representative at the same time.

• Return or exchange within 14 days from the date of purchase if the product is in its sealed packaging and its original condition at the time of purchase.

• Products that have been opened and have a factory defect, the customer must attach a report within 3 days from the date of purchase of the product and Electro will replace the product with a new one.

4 – Procedures and locations of return and replacement:

• Customer can return or exchange purchases by emailing us provided that the conditions mentioned in Articles 2 and 3 above are met.

• The original purchase invoice must be attached at the beginning of the product replacement or refund procedures.


• The customer has the option to return the value of his purchases or replace them with another product depending on the customer’s choice.

• To recover the value of purchases made by credit card or check, the amount will be refunded through the bank account of the customer within fourteen (14) working days and the customer must follow up the payment procedures through his bank branch.

  1. Exceptions not covered by the Return and Exchange Policy:

• Malfunctions and damages resulting from misuse.

• All body care and food and beverage preparation equipment.


6 – Is it possible to retrieve the products after the expiry date?

Unfortunately, the product cannot be returned after 14 days of receipt.

9 how to return a product?

You can contact customer service at 01122933140 or register an order here.